Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Post Operative Rehabilitation can be difficult for those who have experienced lower and middle back pain. Those who suffer from chronic back pain are often forced to undergo surgery for treatment, which requires significant post operative rehabilitation. Doctors will prescribe a treatment plan, but it’s important to know what to expect following a procedure.

Your surgeon or doctor will more than likely recommend pain relief medication whether it is over the counter, or prescription-strength. You will also be encouraged to undergo a physical therapy regimen including specific stretches and exercises designed to help you rehabilitate so you can get back to normal. Proper back support is crucial during the post-operative period, which is why you will need a strong, and comfortable brace.

FitBrace’s modular design not only provides a rigid structure for effective back support, it incorporates a pouch that accommodates a reusable gel pack that can be heated or frozen for pain treatment. This enables you to rely on only one device to give you back support and pain relief throughout the day.

FitBrace has a low enough profile that it can be worn under your clothing so you don’t have to look like you are injured, or have recently had surgery. It is also extremely comfortable to wear while sleeping, as the design allows the wearer to still utilize the gel pack function for pain treatment while removing the the rigid panels, ensuring more restful sleep.