Stenosis is a condition that involves the pinching of nerves or spinal cord in your back. Stenosis is divided into two types: cervical stenosis and lumbar stenosis. While the conditions are quite similar, one is far more dangerous to your health than the other. Cervical stenosis occurs in the neck where the vertebrae compresses the spinal cord, which can lead to paralysis.

Lumbar stenosis is less serious. Leg pain (sciatica) and difficulty walking are hallmark symptoms of lumbar stenosis. Stenosis is caused by vertebrae in the lower back compressing the spinal nerve roots due to degeneration from aging. In order to diagnose the condition, a doctor will conduct an MRI or CT scan using injected dye. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the doctor will have various treatments to recommend. While corrective surgery is an option, it is usually performed only on severe cases. More than likely you will be instructed to undergo a specific exercise program, do fewer activities, or have a physician inject cortisone, a pain medication into an area next to your spine.

Heat and cold treatment can also be used to treat pain caused by stenosis. FitBrace features gel pack insertion into the design on the back support brace. This reusable gel pack can be warmed or frozen and then placed in a special integrated pouch that can relieve back pain.

Always consult with a doctor or physician before administering any form of self-treatment. Stenosis is a serious condition that requires professional diagnosis and care.