Leg/Sciatic Pain

Impact of Leg/Sciatic Pain

Sciatic nerve pain, or leg pain radiating from the sciatic nerve, is often a result of an ailment in the back. The sciatic nerve travels from the lower back, through the hips, and down each leg. If this nerve gets pinched due to a herniated disc, misaligned vertebrae, or bone spur, you may experience leg pain. Walking, resting, and sleeping are all affected when experiencing sciatic nerve pain.

Leg/Sciatic Pain Treatment

Surgery is a common treatment for sciatic nerve/leg pain, but only in circumstances of high severity. Leg pain will normally heal on it’s own, but a doctor can treat your pain if it becomes chronic. Typical treatment plans include periods of rest, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen. Injections of  steroids might also be recommended, although this is not as common and the effects wear off after several weeks.

How FitBrace Can Help

Heat and cold treatments have been proven to offer significant relief for those suffering from leg pain. Using a cold pack in twenty-minute increments will help initially relieve pain. After a few days, doctors recommend switching to heat therapy. Heating pads or hot packs will help lessen your discomfort, especially if you alternate with cold treatments. FitBrace’s innovative design incorporates the ability to insert a freezable and heatable gel pack into the unit for pain relief. While wearing a FitBrace, you will have total back support with the added benefit of pain relief if you suffer from sciatica.

Ensure that your back is inspected by a physician, especially before undergoing any form of treatment. The back is fragile, and improper care could exacerbate your condition.