Middle Back Pain

Impact of Middle Back Pain

Although not as common as lower back pain, middle back pain still plagues millions of people every day. Poor posture, overuse, vertebrae fractures, herniated discs, arthritis, and muscle issues can all cause middle back pain. Middle back pain is a common symptom for several serious conditions, such as spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, stenosis, sciatica, and radiculitis. Sleeping and moving are often seriously impacted by middle back pain, but treatments do exist.

Middle Back Pain Treatment

Middle back pain treatment methods can vary greatly. Doctors recommend anti-inflammatory pain medicine like ibuprofen, physical therapy, and rest in order to reduce pain. Strong support can also alleviate irritation by wearing a back brace.

How FitBrace Can Help

FitBrace’s innovative technology allows the user to have improved support, and adds the ability to treat the area with heat or cold therapy.

The gel pack that comes with each FitBrace can be microwaved or frozen and then inserted into the unit to relieve middle back pain. By utilizing heat or cold therapy, FitBrace wearers can experience middle back pain relief with all the support that a normal back brace would provide. This allows for an adaptable brace that allows the user to enjoy their daily routine without the need to switch between a back support brace and a pain relief device.

It is important to remember to be examined by a doctor if you are experiencing middle back pain. Only they can determine a treatment plan or recommend surgery if necessary. This is extremely important because serious medical conditions could exist. Never undergo a treatment regimen without first speaking to a physician.