About Us

When we set out to help people with chronic back pain, we decided to do it right. It was obvious that the entire process needed to be done in the USA. Every part of the FitBrace company is based in Kentucky. That means that all designing, manufacturing, shipping, and marketing over our braces are done where we can assure our products are flawless. We were tired of seeing doctors prescribe expensive braces that were recommended by large medical supply companies, which made us realize that the person in pain wasn’t making the decision. That’s why we committed ourselves to developing an affordable brace that provides back support, and then some.

Back pain can be completely debilitating and change a person’s life. We aim to change that. We are committed to helping people stricken with back pain live their lives to the fullest. When one of our customers tell us how their life is made better thanks to the comfort and adaptability of the FitBrace product, we share their happiness.