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You can order additional thermal therapy gel packs here.
FitBrace is a prescription quality, modular back brace developed from medically approved and coded designs. The removable gel pack can be used during heat therapy for chronic pain, and during cold therapy for acute pain. Rigid panels are ergonomically designed to promote proper posture without applying pressure on pain sensitive portions of the lower back.

Support Meets Comfort

Whether you need rigid support for daily activities, or plush comfort for sleeping, FitBrace has your back.
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Thermal Therapy

You can freeze or heat the gel pack for applied thermotherapy to relieve back pain caused by a myriad of conditions.
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Keep Things Straight

Correct support and alignment is critical when experiencing back pain, so rest assured knowing that your back is in perfect form when you wear a FitBrace.
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Made In The U.S.A.

When we set out to help people with chronic back pain, we decided to do it right. It was obvious that the entire process needed to be done in the USA. All design, manufacturing, shipping and marketing of our braces is done in Kentucky.

Weight 4 lbs

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