Privacy and Security

Privacy Policy Consent

We understand that your privacy and security is of utmost importance to you. Accordingly it is an absolute priority for to utilize all resources at our disposal to ensure your confidentiality. We take online privacy very seriously and take great care to ensure all information collected, both personal and non-personal, is safe and protected. By visiting and browsing you are accepting and consenting to the policies and procedures set forth in this Privacy and Security notice.

Information Collected

The information we collect is both of the personal and non-personal kind. Both types of data are essential to facilitate proper functionality and to ensure constant improvement of the FitBrace corporate website. The process of collection of all data and information on is facilitated automatically via the website itself and does not interfer with your browsing at all.

Collection of Personal Information

This type of information is most sensitive and identifies you as an individual. During purchase and ordering as well as warranty registration we require some personal information to process your order as quickly and efficiently as possible. This information includes name and address among other, subjective details. We store this information for our own records to better assist you in the future as well as enhance our own customer service policies.

Collection of Non-personal Information

Non-personal information can be defined as “anonymous browsing behavior” and involves the collection of data generated by your visit to and how you interact with our site. This information cannot be traced back to one individual and consists, for example, of what pages a random user visited or which page you first accessed the site through, among other things. This information is anonymous and is stored via analytics software.

How We Use Your Information

We only utilize your personal information to help process orders, facilitate correspondence and manage our internal customer database. The non-personal data generated by your browsing behavior is used to analyze how well our site is serving your needs. Metrics such as what pages are accessed most often and what other websites are sending traffic to via links are examples of such information. This data is collected and stored via analytics programs that do not assign subjective identifiers. In other words, all this data is completely anonymous

So called “cookies” are very small files that are generated each time you visit a website and help with the collection and storing of both personal and non-personal information. They are placed on your hard drive and function more or less as a sort of anchor that helps streamline and simplify your browsing experience. For example, some cookies function to allow you to quickly login to websites without having to enter passwords. Others are used to better optimize how you make use of a particular website and custom fit your online experience to your personal browsing patterns. The majority of cookies are so-called “session cookies” that are automatically deleted once you exit or log-out of a particular website.

While we do not share or sell any of your personal information with third parties, we do make use of the data we collect to personalize the overall user experience on Furthermore we use this information to constantly improve the quality of our content as well as the overall user experience.


During your entire stay at your information and activity is being kept safe from malicious activity via advanced data encryption. We utilize specialized software to help disguise customer activity across our site. Furthermore we employ various industry best practices in website and server hosting protocols to protect your information as well as our own data. For example, SSL certificates (secure sockets layer) are utilized to create a secure connection between your browser and the FitBrace website. A plethora of precautions such as this allow us to maintain a safe online environment for your convenience. You can rest assured that your personal information is safe with FitBrace.