Keep Things Straight

The rigid anterior and posterior panels of FitBrace reduce flexion and rotation in the spine to create proper alignment that helps your posture. Correct support and alignment is critical when experiencing back pain, so rest assured knowing that your back is in perfect form when you wear a FitBrace.

Support Meets Comfort

Whether you need rigid support for daily activities, or plush comfort for sleeping, FitBrace has your back. FitBrace’s low-profile design means that it can easily be worn underneath your clothing so you can dress to impress knowing that your back is under control.

Chill Out Or Warm Up To Pain Relief

FitBrace’s modular design allows for a reusable gel pack to be inserted into the brace. You can freeze or heat the gel pack for applied thermotherapy to relieve back pain caused by a myriad of conditions.

Surgical Precision For Post-Operative Wear

FitBrace is designed with people undergoing surgery in mind. The open back reduces pressure on incision sites and sensitive areas so you can rehabilitate in comfort.


The rigid structure of FitBrace keep the wearer’s spine in perfect alignment preventing any kind of rotational or overextension injury. It is easy to put on and remove, even for elderly users.

Pain Relief

FitBrace comes with a reusable gel pack that can be frozen or warmed to allow the wearer to undergo cold or heat therapy. The design of the brace incorporates a special pouch that securely holds the gel pack in one place for maximum effectiveness. Extra gel packs are available for purchase here.

Better Sleep Quality

The FitBrace has removable rigid panels that allow the wearer to adjust the comfort level for ease in sleeping. The wearer can even wear the brace without the panels, yet still use the gel pack function for pain relief.