Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is one of the most effective forms of treating pain without the use of over-the-counter or prescription medication. An intensely low temperature reduces blood flow by narrowing the blood vessels. This is most effective when treating new or fresh injuries that involve swelling. Swollen tissue tends to aggravate nearby nerves, which is a cause of pain, especially in the back.

Attention must be taken when undergoing cold therapy, as it can lead to other injuries if caution is overlooked. Direct contact of ice against skin can easily lead to frostbite. It’s easy to overlook as the affected area is numbed thanks to the ice. That’s why it is important to always wrap ice in a towel, and apply it to an area for no more than twenty minutes.

FitBrace’s insertable gel pack can be frozen and then placed in the specially designed pouch to provide pain relief through cold therapy. Since there is a barrier between the gel pack and skin, there is no risk of frostbite. Our modular FitBrace design provides back support with the ability to utilize gel packs for cold therapy.

Consult your physician before undergoing any form of cold therapy or if pain is ongoing.