Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is extremely effective at relieving muscle pain in the lower back. When muscles become strained or overexerted, they can tighten and become tense.

The use of heat therapy improves circulation which in turn increases the flow of oxygen to the sore/tense area allowing the muscles to heal. It also triggers the nerves in the skin which decreases the transmission of pain signals to the brain. Most people find that alternating heat therapy with cold therapy is more effective when alternated throughout the day.

FitBrace Can Help

FitBrace’s modular design combines the strong support of a back brace with pain relief capabilities. The brace incorporates a special pouch that accommodates a gel pack that can be heated on the stove, or warmed in the microwave. It then holds the gel pack in a stable position where it can be most effective.
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Consult your physician before undergoing any form of heat therapy or if pain is ongoing.