I am a muralist, and if I am working and painting, which normally puts great strain on my back, wearing the FitBrace helps me tremendously. It has been a great life improvement for me. When I experience tension in my back the cold gel packs help relieve that pain as well. Another great benefit is the fact that I can wear the brace all day during work or client meetings under my clothing without trouble.
Sherry M.

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I’m a martial arts instructor. When my back pain flairs up, I don’t usually have the option of taking a day to rest. In the past, I would buy a cheap brace when the problem started, strap in, and teach with pain but cheap braces would only last long enough for me to heal. I aggravated my injury pretty badly and wore FitBrace under my uniform where none of my students could see it, and I ran classes like any other day and taught without pain. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate FitBrace — when I have pain, it lets me continue working, I recover from the pain faster, and it doesn’t wear out before I’m better.
Alan W.
Martial Arts Chief Instructor

I have a three-level fusion with rods and pins in my lower back. One of the most difficult activities for me is a long car ride. When I wear my FitBrace on my travels, my back is supported and saved from the misery I used to experience. It has made all the difference. I’m also grateful that I can take the rigid panel out and use the cold pack when I go to bed after a long day. I can get cold therapy while I sleep!
Cyndi M.
Business Owner